On Monday, we rented horses for two hours.  No guide, just Melinda with a map.  No, we didn’t get lost :-)  We spent the afternoon hitting gift shops like they were going out of style.
Never Just Rode a Horse
Big Geranium outside the Main Dining Room
Big Geranium again
Huge lilac tree
Supersize chess set.  I am king!
On horseback
Stuff we rode past on the horses
Sarge's timing is impeccable
Pretty trees
Creepy Ross on a horse
Foliage in the sun
Sun through the trees
March of the little blue flowers
Now leaving Mackinac Island State Park
The last naturally-occuring Tamarack tree on the island
Flowers on a tree
The Michigan state tree
Run away horse!
Melinda & Penny
Pile o' Lady Slippers
The north end of a southbound Melinda & Penny
Cass Cliff
The ferry harbor
Helpful Boy Scout leaders
View from the East Bluff
The ferry harbor
Artsy picture of downtown
The Arnold Ferry line & downtown
Purdy hill
The Baby Grand
The Baby Grand
The Baby Grand
Downtown & the bridge from the East Bluff
Lilacs in the sun
Melinda thinks these are irises
Coming up to For Mackinac
Fort Mackinac gate house
The $15k Governor's Mansion
Lilac tree
Leaving Mackinac Island State Park
Biggest horse-drawn carriages in the world
Melinda, Penny, Sarge, & Ross
The kindly donated lilac sprig
The kindly donated lilac sprig
Melinda & me after our second dinner (the Cupola Bar is a great picture spot)