We drove, and drove, and drove.  This page has photos from Saturday (the drive up) & Sunday (our first day on the island).  We wandered around Grand Hotel’s garden, and we took a carriage tour of the island.  
The Beginning
Oh God! Melinda's driving!
Some building on the way up I-43
A kite
Some HUGE green silo thing
Beautiful views
Purdy trees
"Beach" view out the window of our Holiday Inn room in St. Ignace
The ears of a Big Boy restaurant moose
Some pilings
One of the many ferrys to the island
The view out the back of our ferry
Bye bye, mainland!
Sweet wake!
A pansy lighthouse
The ginourmous bridge connecting Michigan to ...Michigan
The Grand Hotel from the ferry
We're on the island...and in tourist trap heaven
Purdy lilac tree
Dunno why I took this picture
The Jewel's front 9 with fountains in the distance & Governor's Mansion on the bluff
Same fountains, different angle
Perfectly obstructed view of a fountain
The Grand Hotel
The expansive Grand Hotel
The Grand Hotel
Coming up to the Grand Hotel
Garden Carriage
Grand Hotel's garden
Grand Hotel's garden fountain
Mel happy that we're finally here
...And the horse/carriage you rode in on!
Grand Hotel's center section from the garden
Nearly half of Grand Hotel's huge covered patio
The end of the Grand's side
Grand Hotel's fountain up close
The trees...they're ALIVE!!!
Half of Melinda smelling the flowers
The Rose Walk at the Grand Hotel
Roses to make Mom jealous
Turtle!  (#2)
Huge lilac tree
Oldest lilac tree on the island
$300k+ condos overlooking Surrey Hill
Surrey Hill carriage display
That's for them flying horses
Surrey Hill butterfly house
The first of 3 graveyards on the island
One of Two arches for St. Ann's
The shorter arch for St. Ann's
Skull Cave
Sweet name for a road
The rifle range for the Fort
The rifle range for the Fort
The largest horse-drawn carriage with 3 horses holds 35 people
Arch Rock
Arch Rock
Arch Rock
Arch Rock
Arch Rock
View at Arch Rock
View to the other side at Arch Rock
Map of Fort Mackinac
Some yellow flowers
The woodpecker strikes again
US Soldier at the Fort
The walk up to the Governor's Mansion
Lunch centerpiece
Huge rose arrangement in the Parlor
Melinda standing next to the roses for scale
Kid's chairs in the Grand Hotel's Parlor
Yes, that's a doorway on the right.
Tiny Freakin Ironing Board (TM)
The window (& fudge bag)
View out our room at the Grand Hotel
View from the window of our room at the Grand
More view out the window of our room
Our bed & my shoes
Our bed
Our PINK bathroom
It's still PINK
Mel & Me lookin nice for our first dinner at the Grand
Mel & Me after dinner
Mike & Nancy...dinner friends
The huge bridge from the Cupola Bar
Another view from the Cupola bar
Big chandelier in the Cupola Bar
Shot of the Grand's garden fountain
The island school & ferry route
The Grand Hotel pool & rose walk
Path down to the pool house
Turtle!  Now with built-in candle!
Better shot of the turtle candle